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2021 Catalogue: Lyreco Have Gone Digital!

Lyreco 2021 Catalogue has gone digital for 2021

To support our environmental values and our proposition on sustainability, this year we have placed more focus on the digital catalogue instead of sending out catalogues on mass. Communications will be seen on webshop and social media.

Main benefits of this include:

  1. Less paper - reducing paper consumption by over 73% this year!
  2. Fewer deliveries - reducing delivery journeys and our carbon footprint
  3. Less waste - this supports our circular economy pledge
  4. Less energy - carbon reduction due to less manufacturing processes
  5. Safer - reducing those unnecessary touch points!
  6. Flexible - we can reach out to homeworkers and the digital catalogue is always on hand

UK Flicky Version is here: https://lnkd.in/dSUsAS9

If you really want a hard copy catalogue then you can still receive one by adding the codes to your order – see below.

As mentioned, this will only work once catalogues are ready to be released in January.