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Border Office: Introducing our Furniture Sector

Is it the Greatest Opportunity to Change our Office Space?

The role of the workplace is currently being discussed in more detail, and depth, than ever before.

As humans the way we interact with physical furniture, engages with our senses. It’s one of the few objects — other than our clothes — that we’re in physical contact with, for large amounts of time, making furniture such an important presence in our daily lives.

We’re surrounded by it, making our relationship between the arrangement in which we use it, and the shape in which we fashion it, so integral.

As well as playing a functional part, furniture can affect our daily mood and behaviour. Meaning specific pieces can reduce distraction or increase focus and stimulate our creativity.

Over the recent month’s our lives have been transformed, our working patterns have changed, and it’s highlighted more than ever the need for furniture to work at — whether that’s a desk or a sofa.

Every workplace is largely defined by the furniture that’s within it.

  • Is it still fit for purpose?
  • Does it suit the way you work?
  • Does it suit the cultural shift in attitude towards flexible or hybrid working?

The role of the workplace, more than ever, is about having a space to collaborate, a space to discuss ideas, stimulate creativity, learn and to socialise. One way to approach this is by asking, what does your workplace have to offer?

  • Is it a place that reinforces your organisations culture?
  • Is it the place that champions social interaction?
  • Is it the place that reflects new working routines and cultures?

Improving workplace furniture isn’t the quickest, it isn’t the easiest, but it is the most cost-effective way to transform, not just your workspace but more importantly your working culture.

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