Essentially Mortgages 2020 Q1

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Caradoc Magazine: Essentially Wealth

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Caradoc Magazine: Essentially Mortgages

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Lyreco Winter Products: Be Prepared this Winter

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Data Breach Insurance

Every organisation will experience a data breach. Data breaches can occur in a variety of ways: Notes are recorded on the wrong patient’s records Information is passed on to a third party inadvertently Data is transmitted which should be anonymised Patient’s records are lost or destroyed The computer network is … Read More

Members Newsletter September 2019

There are a number of reasons why an employer may wish to obtain a medical report on an employee. These reasons include: to determine whether or not the employee is able to carry out their day to day job role within the Company; to assess whether or not the employee … Read More

Ask The Expert

“An employee has been caught watching pornography on their computer during their lunch break, can we suspend them?” Suspension traditionally used to be seen as a default position for employers who suspect an employee of committing an act of gross misconduct. However, it is important to not treat a suspension … Read More

Members Newsletter August 2019

It is increasingly squarely the responsibility of the employer to ensure that employees take their statutory holiday allowance.  It can also have a detrimental effect on workplace morale to be perceived as unreasonably refusing annual leave requests.  There are of course issues  when during busy periods seemingly everyone wants to … Read More

2020 Diaries & Planners from LYRECO

A Fresh Start For Every Minute Spent Organising, An Hour Is Earned Prepare For Tomorrow, Today Get Creative Showcase Your Wins Click on the link and quote CARADOC Sammie Roberts Key Account Manager Lyreco UK & Ireland Email: [email protected]

Ask The Expert:

“Is it discriminatory if we, as a GP Practice, believe there is a risk in relation to a job applicant’s future inability to work on health grounds rather than current ability and therefore refuse employment?” A belief that a potential employee has a progressive condition which could in the future … Read More

Members Newsletter July 2019

Why the decision to remove a Director for expressing his faith-based objection to same-sex adoption was not discriminatory and may have wider consequences.  Last month the Employment Appeal Tribunal (“EAT”) with its decision in Page v NHS Trust Development Authority found that it was not discriminatory to decline to renew … Read More

Members Newsletter June 2019

When an employee is made redundant they may be eligible for a redundancy payment, in order for an employee to be eligible for a redundancy payment they would need to have two years’ continuous service. There are various reasons why an employee would be made redundant, they can most easily … Read More

Members Newsletter May 2019

When a new employee is recruited it is important from the outset to have the terms of their employment clearly defined by issuing them with a contract of employment. For the employee, a contract gives them the security that they are working for a professional business that has clearly defined … Read More

New Approved Supplier

Beautiful Information is the first NHS/Private Partnership of its kind, offering unique real-time information to NHS organisations to help them plan and resource clinical services to meet hourly fluctuations in patient flow. For further information, contact Scott Parker at: [email protected] quoting Caradoc.

The Big ISDN Switch Off – Are You Ready?

In 2014 BT announced that they were going to switch off all ISDN lines by 2025 and as of 2020, you will not be able to order new or upgrade these lines. At the time and probably still now for some, it still seems miles away, but in telecoms terms, … Read More

Members Newsletter April 2019

The law protects all workers from unauthorised deductions being taken from their pay. To lawfully make deductions from wages or to receive payments from a worker, the deduction or payment must be: a) Required or authorised by law. For example, income tax, National Insurance, a court order. b) Authorised by … Read More


Late one Friday night, one of our client’s premises, whose business is making and supplying old fashioned sweets, was broken into. His CCTV cameras recorded a white van pulling up outside the front door to the office, 4 youths getting out of the van, cutting the metal shutters with angle … Read More

Paying too much for your Electricity/Gas?

Since becoming an Approved Supplier for Caradoc, Power Solutions have saved over £1.1m for Caradoc Members. Take our no obligation FREE audit to see whether we can save monies for your Practice / Business. Rising Energy Costs – What can you do? Practices and Businesses with fixed rate energy contracts … Read More

Protect Your Profit

Caradoc has been made aware that one of the leading suppliers is again increasing customer prices in March 2019. The company is reported to be the UK’s largest supplier of merchant acquiring services (card payments). You may be affected, as with other price increases currently happening. While the terminals themselves … Read More

Brexit or No Brexit – Some Exciting Bulk Buying Offers from Lyreco

A4 Lyreco Paper PG Tips Tea Nescafe® Granules A4 Punched Pocket Lyreco Sticky Notes Douwe Egberts Continental Rich Roast Lyreco DL Window Envelope Energiser Industrial Batteries Download Our Flyer for Caradoc Members: Caradoc Bulk Buying Flyer Contact Katerine Cowley Mobile: 07884 078 410 Email: [email protected] Website:

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