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Energy Newsflash: CNG Customers

CNG Energy Ltd ceased trading and from 7th November 2021 and Pozitive Energy have been appointed as your supplier by Ofgem. CNG customers are advised to take a meter reading as soon as possible to protect any credit balance they may have accumulated with CNG. Pozitive Energy should be contacting CNG customers in the next 5 days to confirm their new current rates and they will offer a fixed rate going forward.

Do not accept the initial fixed rate offer without first checking with Colin Stephens at Perfect Sense Energy. Customers of another supplier that recently ceased trading were offered rates up to 50% higher than Perfect Sense Energy we able to obtain for them. Send a copy of any correspondence you receive to Colin’s email and he can then advise you of the best offers currently available and recommend the best way forward.

Email a copy of any correspondence to [email protected]

Any practice with gas and electricity contracts currently on variable rate contracts, Or with contracts due for renewal in the next 12-18 months can expect a large increase in their energy costs at renewal.

What can you do to reduce the impact on your practice utility Costs?

Contact the Caradoc Energy consultants Perfect Sense Energy and get them to review your current energy contracts and where possible tender for fixed rate renewal quotes. Perfect Sense Energy has access to over 25 of the top UK energy suppliers and currently the difference in rates between individual suppliers is quite extensive. Perfect Sense Energy will strive to get you the best value contracts possible in the current market and recommend the best way forward and possible energy savings solutions.

Contact your Caradoc Energy Account Manager:
Colin Stephens
Email: [email protected] Quoting CARADOC
Direct Tel: 07974 698975
Tel: 01942 367599
Fax: 0845 299 1030

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