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Energy Update for Caradoc Members

Members are aware global energy prices have risen to an all-time high and are projected to rise even further this year.

Our Energy consultants Perfect Sense Energy have obtained the report below which especially for electricity shows the bleak reality of electricity prices for the next 10 years! Not even considering the non-energy cost elements.

Business energy users do not have the protection of the Government domestic energy price cap so are feeling the full effect of the increases in energy costs caused by global demand, in some cases, practices are seeing increases of up to 250% on their energy costs for renewals due in 2022.

The graph shows Electricity prices will likely remain at current levels for the next year and then drop to a “new normal” that is treble what prices were pre-covid, with a large risk that the expensive period could just as easily extend out into 2024 as the Russia and Ukraine conflict rages on.

The advice for practices with energy contracts due for renewal in the next 12 – 18 months is look to secure renewal contracts now and even contracts with 2024 end dates should be looked at where suppliers will price that far out.

To help you get the best value renewal and fixed rate contracts in the current market contact Colin Stephens at Perfect Sense Energy to arrange for him to search for the best prices available from over 20 UK suppliers.
Email Colin at [email protected] or call him on 07974 698975


To see what energy saving solutions Perfect Sense Energy have available to help your practice mitigate the current high energy costs check out their web site https://perfectsenseenergy.com/energy-saving-technologies/ and if you are interest in finding out more contact Colin or quote Caradoc if you make an online enquiry.

For practices and businesses with a suitable roof structure and significant electricity demand (50,000kwh per year plus) solar may be a strong option. At current electricity price levels solar is the equivalent to securing electricity prices for the next 25 years at just over 3p/kwh! With a return on investment of only 2-3 years