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New Caradoc Approved Supplier

HR That Makes Waves

We are an independent HR consultancy specialising in supporting SMEs who operate with or without an in-house HR team. Specialising in workplace grievances. Ripple HR will work with you and your employees to achieve a timely stress-free conclusion to workplace grievances. Allowing you to continue working on your business.


“Sensitivity to mental health had always been my intention but I definitely had a blind spot. Then an issue arose to test me. Jane supported me with her guidance, counsel, judgement, and encouragement. She gave me the confidence to always say and do the right thing. As a result, the situation has been resolved professionally, elegantly and kindly which feels really good for all concerned.”
Angela Podmore
Kinetic Communications

Website: www.ripple-hr.co.uk

Emaile: [email protected]

Telephone: 07771780148