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Paying too much for your Electricity/Gas?

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Since becoming an Approved Supplier for Caradoc, Power Solutions have saved over £1.1m for Caradoc Members. Take our no obligation FREE audit to see whether we can save monies for your Practice / Business.

Rising Energy Costs - What can you do?

Practices and Businesses with fixed rate energy contracts ending in 2019 are seeing large increases in their energy costs when they come up for renewal and practices on variable rate contracts are already paying much higher rates than they should be. With over 20 UK energy suppliers shopping around to find the best value for your energy contract renewals is time consuming and because of the different way some suppliers quote their rates it does not always result in the best value renewal contracts available.

Please see below the graph on how the energy market has risen over the last 15 years and is expected to increase over the next couple of years.

Historically, prices have increased anywhere between 18% - 30% due to weakness of the pound, increase in oil and gas prices, increase in government decarbonisation charges/taxes (CCL, FITs, ROs, CFD etc) and third party costs (mainly in network/transportation costs as the network repair an aging electricity network in reinforcing or replacing mains cables). Uncertainty over Brexit has also played a major factor in this.

What you should do

To look at your contract renewals or to check your current provision is the best available for you contact our Platinum approved Energy Consultants Power Solutions (UK) Ltd Call or email our Caradoc account manager Colin Stephens:
email: [email protected]

They will carry out an audit of your current energy provision, where necessary give notice and tender for renewal price quotes to over 20 suppliers, coming back with the best 4 or 5 suppliers offers and their recommendations to help you to make a decision. They will then arrange the new contracts and manage transfers if or when they are due.

This service is free to Caradoc members.

Power Solutions are an independent energy broker working with over 20 UK energy suppliers.

To arrange your Free Energy Audit contact:

Colin Stephens at Power Solutions (UK) Ltd
Email: [email protected]
Direct Line Tel: 0800 170 0132 / Mobile: 07974 698975 / Fax: 0845 299 1030
Phone: 01244 391 506 / Fax: 01244 391 549
Website: www.powersolutionsuk.com

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