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Protection in a Pandemic: Supporting Your Staff

Flora McCabe

In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, the spotlight falls on the front line staff who are tasked with treating potentially tens of thousands of patients suffering various degrees of respiratory illness. These staff are not being implored to stay safe in their own homes but must go out to do battle with COVID-19 on a daily basis. Few members of the general public will have given thought to what happens if these staff become ill, or how surgeries, hospitals, clinics, remote consulting offerings, 111, urgent health centres and other out of hours offerings will cope, whether with the unprecedented demand on services, or with the life changing advice offered by the Government on Monday, effectively asking all who can to work from home.

Behind the clinical staff in patient-facing roles there are numerous managerial, administrative, operational, financial and governance staff amongst others who help to keep our health services afloat. This article is intended for all our healthcare clients – dental and medical - and tries to offer some practical tips on managing employee-related issues specific to the issues thrown up by Covid-19 and the associated Government response. Due to the variety of our clients and the enormity of the task at hand this does not purport to be a ‘fix all’. Moreover, given the knowledge and sophistication of our clients, much of this will merely be revision. We hope that at the least it acts as a handy aide memoire.

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As the pandemic spreads, so the advice will change. We will endeavour to update our clients with risk management information and are, as ever, always available to discuss any concerns to support our clients allowing them to focus on delivering their crucial services.

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